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General Reptile Terrarium Checklist



To maintain a reptile's health, the following environmental factors must all be met.

  • Large enough enclosure to allow for some physical activity.

  • Source of broad spectrum/UVB light

  • Source of heat, usually more than one.  UVB heat lamp combo and under tank heat tape.  A ceramic heater for P.M. if needed.  NO HOT ROCKS!

  • Flooring (sub-straight) that is easily cleaned and disinfected such as "Lizard Liner".  Do not use any type of particulate matter such as wood chips, gravel, sand, or bark.

  • Temperature zones (hot, medium, cool) so reptile can self regulate its body temperature.  Find out what normal temperatures (high and low) are for your species.  Have at least two thermometers, one at each end to check.

  • Basking area - A stone or branch under the UVB/heat lamp "hot side".

  • Good air circulation

  • Proper humidity for your species - have a hydrometer in the tank.

  • Proper diet and vitamin supplementation.

  • Clean water source

  • Hide box - So reptile can de-stress, digest, and feel secure.

  • Tank accessories - rocks, logs, foliage (real or plastic), so reptile can exhibit natural behaviors - try to emulate its natural environment.  May replace hide box.

  • Light cycle - 10 to 12 hours of UVB on then, 10 to 12 hours off depending on the season.


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