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Exotic Pet Legal  Issues


Peter Opossum by Lynn McDonald

Laws Pertaining to Exotics as Pets

Laws vary from place to place on the legality of various exotic pet species.  Covering all the laws in all locales is beyond the scope of this page, as laws pertaining to exotic pets range from local city by-laws to federal regulations.

Many cities/towns and counties have laws regarding the number of pets, types of pets, and  conditions under which certain pets can be kept.  Exotic species are often prone to more restrictive laws than non-exotic species.

Some of the reasons for restrictive exotic pet laws are:

  • to protect the animals from declines in their natural population

  • to prevent the average citizen from adopting animals for which they cannot provide adequate space, nutrition and care

  • to prevent the capture and smuggling of animals 

  • a safety issue - banning of potentially dangerous animals

  • to protect the public - in the case of an animal escapee

Please keep in mind that laws do exist and it is incumbent on pet owners to be aware of such laws.




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