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What is an Exotic Pet?



The term "exotic" by definition means foreign ... not native ... strange or different in a way that is striking or fascinating.

"Exotic pets" can be one of a tremendous variety of species.  They can include, but not be limited to:

  • Amphibians - frog, salamander

  • Avians - duck, eagle, falcon, goose, hawk, ostrich, owl, parrot, songbird

  • Canine - dog, fox, wolf

  • Carnivores - mink, raccoon, seal, weasel

  • Feline - cat, bob cat, lion, lynx, panther, tiger

  • Insectivores - mole, shrew

  • Mammals - bat, ferret, hedgehog, mouse, squirrel, sugar glider

  • Omnivores - bear, brown rat, opossum

  • Reptiles - alligator, crocodile, lizard, snake, turtle

Exotic species are often far removed from their natural habitat and placed by us in an artificial one.  We must meet their requirements in order for them to survive and thrive as our pets.  This requires some research on your part hopefully prior to obtaining your pet.  Be suspicious of misinformation when someone says "just feed it dog or cat food, or just feed it crickets."

Also, many animals are nocturnal and getting them up during the daytime to play or show others is comparable to waking you at 3:00am, quite stressful to the animal.  Please try and follow their natural instincts, not yours!  Animals are totally dependant on us for all their needs so do your homework and do it right!

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