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Another nocturnal critter that is cute, cuddly and playful comes to us from the Andes Mountains.  Chinchillas require cooler temperatures of 50 to 70 degrees (greater than 80 degrees F can be fatal).  They like large enclosures to play and climb, again with a hide box for sleeping and a daily dusting (a must) in a chinchilla dust bath.

They are prone to skin and fur problems, gastrointestinal disease and malocclusion.  Feeding involves commercial chinchilla chow (Mazuri brand) and free choice Timothy hay which is vital for proper digestive function as hay is to a horse.

They can live 10 to 15 years so be prepared for a long relationship!

The above is a reprint of an article written by Jack Landess, D.V.M., as a public service.  Reprint permission was obtained from the Florida Pet Pages.



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