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Pet Care Tips


Spotted Salamander

Avoid giving Acetomenophin (Tylenol) to pets.

Avoid using pine shavings as bedding, as some shavings are produced from scraps of chemically-treated lumber and have been found to cause severe and fatal toxicity.

Get your pet a veterinarian check up at least once a year.

Avoid giving chocolate to your pet.  Chocolate contains theobromine, which stimulates the heart and decreases the amount of blood flowing to the brain, and can be toxic.

Put houseplants where your pet can't get to them, as some common house and garden plants can harm your pet.

Get to know your pet's habits. You should seek medical attention for your pet if:

  • you find a lump on or under your pet's skin

  • your pet seems unusually short of breath

  • your pet experiences a sudden change in appetite

  • your pet starts losing weight

  • your pet drinks often and urinates more frequently

Keep veterinarian emergency phone numbers handy at all times.

Check your pet's water often as all pets need a steady supply of fresh water.



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