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Alternative & Additional Therapies for Cancer


A cancer is a cell in your body that has lost its normal control mechanism and now has unregulated growth.  The first step in this process is a change in the cell's genetic material that allows the cell to become cancerous.  This can be caused by chemicals, viruses, radiation, sunlight, repeated trauma, chronic parasites or a poor immune system.  For example, cats who live in households with smokers have increased rates of cancer.  There is also a definite genetic component in certain families.  This may occur as a genetically predetermined event where "suppressor genes" that control normal growth are turned off allowing unregulated growth or even promoting growth of tumors which can now spread locally or to other parts of the body.

If your pet has a history of cancer in its family, a preventative angle may be helpful although most people do not know their pet's family tree.  Most often cancer appears and must be dealt with at that time.  A proper diagnosis through either cytology or biopsy is extremely helpful in deciding on treatment and knowing what to expect since there are many different types of cancer.  A referral to a veterinary oncologist is a good first step and should be offered by your vet if needed.

Whether you are following up traditional cancer therapy, want additional support or are choosing alternative modalities due to your pet's age or species, either quality time or actual regression of cancer may be found.

Diet is one vital area.  Good support through balanced nutrition and energy plus proper vitamin supplementation can be helpful.  Because certain cancers grow on carbohydrates, a cancer diet has been developed to slow tumor growth!

Biological Response Modifiers are safe and/or natural substances that stimulate the body's own natural tumor killing cells or boost the immune system to suppress tumor growth.

Other therapies may include herbs such as Pau De Arco or Graviola, Alovera extracts (Aceinannon), Omega 3 Fatty Acids or N.N.Dimcthyl Glycine to name a few.  Again a proper diagnosis of cancer type may dictate proper treatment; the longer you wait, the lower the success rate will be especially if cancer has already spread elsewhere.

On the horizon is Gene Therapy to alter predestined cancer cells and preventative tumor vaccines ... stay tuned!

The above is a reprint of an article written by Jack Landess, D.V.M., as a public service.  Reprint permission was obtained from the Florida Pet Pages.



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